Just thought that I would give a selfish update:

I’ve started a new blog called The Scribbling Teen. As written in the site’s bio, I established the site because I am aware of the importance of allowing youth to share their stories. As a young writer myself, I understand the difficulties of entering the industry at this age, and I hope to reduce the stigma. The blog will also act as a place where I, along with the community, can share tips and inspo.

You can access it here!

https://thescribblingteen.wordpress.com/ ★


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This morning, I sat and flicked through my school planner. I only had the time since I missed my bus after running back for my headphones – I strongly doubted I’d be productive today if I had taken them – but nonetheless, it was a clear spot in my schedule.

And how was this week looking, you ask? Meetings most lunchtimes. Drafts of assignments to be handed in, tests in upcoming weeks to revise for, pages of ‘research development’ due. Intense. It doesn’t sound all that much to the outsider, but when your only time to think about the good things in life is when you floss your teeth at night, you know something’s going wrong.

That’s how my life is at the moment. It’s a jumble of Things I Need To Do and Things I REALLY Need To Do (with all the Thing I Want To Do tossed aside). I haven’t had a break in such a long time. Here in Australia, this final year of high school is known to be the bane of every teenager’s life so far. Year 12, I fear you. I fear that I will not keep up and that you will rush ahead of me, and I will be left behind with a year 11 mindset and untied shoelaces and prayers I have to write for assemblies in following weeks.

But things will be okay! The students around me are in the same boat as me, and for the most part, they’re supportive. We’re all in this together, and whilst I doubt we’ll partake in a flash mob of that HSM hit at the end of the year, we are likely to cry a bit when it’s over. We’ll wear our graduation dresses and suits and laugh at the year that has been.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plodding on…and will keep writing in my planner.★

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Here’s what I think might be in store in 2017 (fashion-wise, of course):

– Bold stripes

– Embroidered denim

– Bright floral prints

– Blurred lips

– Mules

– Shades of forest green and teal blue

Let me know what you predict in the comments.


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// HELLO, 2017

Hating 2016 has become something of a meme. It took David Bowie and Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder and George Michael from us and in turn, gave us a racist and inexperienced President of the United States. 


courtesy of Sass & Bide’s insta

And yet, two days ago, we were finally gifted with the clean slate in time that we all needed. The new year was celebrated with even more gusto as usual; so many of us not only formed resolutions but a vast sense of hope. Hello, 2017, and  welcome to our lives. Our arms are open and our fed-up eyes are sparkling. ★

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The iconic bandana has been around for a very long time, with the word ‘bandannoes’ (referring to cotton handkerchiefs) estimated to have been used in the 18th century. In the 50s, it was often knotted into an updo Rosie the Riveter style; in the 70s, a bandana worn around the head was a clear sign of rockstar culture and ultimate coolness. Nowadays, we’ve all noticed the bandana bouncing back. In particular, this idea of a bandana tied around the neck to resemble a choker has been prominent.

I’ve shared my own stylings of the trend in the form of a Polyvore set above.
Bandana chokers have been seen in street style looks, but also on celebrities. Kylie paired a black bandana with a leather jacket and aviator glasses.

Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall have been lovin’ it. Perhaps they share one bandana? Who knows. Either way, they look super cool. 

If you’re looking to purchase one, I would definitely recommend the Australian site, Princess Polly. These two will only set you back $15AUD each:

The black can be found here and the navy here.

For something a little different, I am in awe of the gorgeous print choker from ASOS, which can be found here.


Style with a black v-neck and a leather skirt and you’re ready to hit fashion week.

And so, dear readers, what do you think of this trend? How would you style a bandana around your neck? Let me know in the comments. ★

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The thing about Bitstrips — an online community in which hundreds of creative souls blossomed over an easy-to-use instant comic editor — was that anybody could use it. I knew of an elderly lady who shone in creating quirky one panel comics. I knew of a mother whose series possessed some sort of class which I was absolutely jealous of. I knew of little children who frequently popped onto the chatbar to simply say “hey” or “u r pretty”, I knew of a teenage boy who could create incredible pieces of art depicting superheroes, I knew of a pretty tween whose ability to shade landscapes with blurred shapes was remarkable. Everybody was different, and yet we all fit in. That was the beauty of Bitstrips.


a comic I had created on the site

Perhaps, to you, it sounds as if I’m ridiculously dramatising a simple children’s website, purely because I’m a self-professed drama queen and a sucker for good stories. I know it sounds like a whole sandwich filled with hyperbole and white lies, but really, I do mean it. Bitstrips was a very special website. I signed up in 2013, I believe, when I was in the stage of signing up to virtual worlds and the like. The next year, I finally learnt that the site was more than just an editor in which you could move around characters to create a comic, but it was one in which members shared their work to the world. I’ve never been one to communicate excessively with people I had never met, but I made so many friendships: one in particular being an adorable and sweet girl from Texas that will continue to have my love and friendship forever. I read a myriad of strip-by-strip stories, some of which made me laugh, and others profoundly affecting me. There were a remarkable amount of series that deserved to be published. I began to witness the sheer talent of the people on there. Members had learnt to manipulate the limited use of items and filters (as well as move around features on the character editor) to produce beautiful strips. How could somebody use nothing but a butter knife to create shadow on the left side of a contoured face?

I made my own series, too. I never finished any of these, but it was oddly comforting to spend my nights contemplating a teenage drama whilst washing the dishes, or to lie in bed in early hours of the morning just to create a character style that would be aesthetically pleasing.

Just under four months ago, on the seventh of July, a message popped up on the website reading, “We’re very sorry to announce that Bitstrips.com is going to be closing on July 8, 2016 at 12:00pm ET. We love this incredible, creative community, but can no longer continue operating the site as it is today.” I did know of the reasons. It was something to do with Snapchat’s purchase of Bitmoji, or something. Nonetheless, I refused to accept that the website couldn’t run. I had spent the day doing whatever the July Version of Me had to do, and had logged onto Bitstrips to find people writing my name frantically in the chatbar, and comics being published with social media links in the anticipation of the storm. I was heartbroken. To me, Bitstrips had always been a place where I could feel a little better, and it was all going to be gone. I was able to save my strips and get contact details for a good quarter of my friends list, but it was absolutely depressing. I filmed my last hours on the website; a few pathetic tears lay dormant on my cheeks as everybody wrote, “The End.”

In the weeks following, I tried my hardest to maintain my friendships. I made a Skype account just for my Bitstrips friends: there was no way I was comfortable with giving my personal information to them, but I still wanted to keep in touch. Of course, my life was going on as normal (I’m not going to pretend I went insane for the lack of an online resource, let’s be real!) but there was certainly a void in my heart. An empty space in the shape of my avatar, complete with my bouncy hair, was left there.

Four months down the track, my life is better than ever! However, I do really miss Bitstrips. I miss it a lot. Some days, I’ll have an idea for a series, and then I’ll realise I can’t express it as a comic or anything. I’m still trying my hardest to talk to a handful of my friends from the community. I’m nearing the end of high school, and so I feel genuinely embarrassed to say how much  I miss it. But I really do. It is peculiar to think about the immensity of the impact that a comic website could have on me, though it must be thought of.

Dear reader, if there’s anything you can do to help, it’s this. A lovely user has created this petition, which has the potential to gain publicity over the sadness that is the site shutting down. We want Bitstrips back, because it is so important to us. Shoutout to all those members who have watched Bitstrips crumble and die. I want you to know that there is still a chance that we can have the website back, and we can work very hard to ensure we’re not deprived of something we all loved so very much. It’s fun and it’s relaxing and it’s an incredible outlet for bottled-up imagination, and, if it were still up and running, I would have suggested it to anyone.

Because, that’s the thing about Bitstrips. Anybody can use it. ★

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I’m not entirely sure why the cinema is THE DATE SPOT, since it’s very difficult to chat without having old women turn around with a finger to their mouth miming ‘shush’, or to look at your date without craning your neck awkwardly, or even to touch with the separation of those arm rests. Then again, I’m no expert: I’ve only had one date. Yesterday, I had my very first, first date.

He’s a tall boy, with a swoopy fair-haired do and a lanky walk and faint fluff on his defined chin. He’s a year 12 student who wants to be an actor, and he’s gone through a communist phase and a silent phase and whatever else. I had been crushing on him for god knows how long, and then he asked me to the movies.

The first part of it went fairly well. I met with him, my twin sister, and a friend, and the four of us ate lunch together in a food court. We laughed and shared stories, and it was quite nice. When I headed to purchase some sort of oily Asian wrap, he confessed to my sister how happy he was and that he liked me a lot.

The second part was a bit more awkward. We bought two tickets to Doctor Strange (with the paying element slightly uncomfortable) and shared a few giggles at the trailers. The film had excellent graphics, though I couldn’t help but be distracted as my date’s “WOAH!”s and “HAHA”s along the way. Together we marvelled (if you don’t mind my pun) over a part of the movie which triggered memories of an inside joke. When the credits rolled, we just glanced at each other, smiling.

He was very gentlemanly, even walking me to my bus stop so that I wouldn’t be alone. A large hug was exchanged, and he called out, “Talk to you on Facebook!” so loudly that everybody in close vicinity of the carpark swivelled their heads.

And anyway, he wants a second date. I’m guessing I may have underestimated the whole date. So thank you for letting me tell you all about it. ★

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Just because I spent a couple of months lying to myself does not mean, in any shape or form, that I plan to lie to the internet.

And so now, the truth as you’ve never seen it before:

I have been unhappy.

Not the Empty Soul sort of unhappy, nor an Ebenezer Scrooge sort of unhappy — perhaps it is better described as a mild unhappiness, the type that only really tickles at your mood, yet is still there. I wasn’t suffering from depression or anything and I didn’t have a major trauma in my life, I just knew that I wasn’t feeling the best I could feel.

But now, I am happy. Things are truly getting better.


It’s weird, I guess, that for the better part of this year I could so easily identify as the opposite, but in the last few weeks I am able to live my day with a beaming smile, a giggle at the smallest things, and a victorious cry dancing upon my lips, “I am happy.”

To me, this change happened from two things. The first one of these was setting goals. I gave myself things that I wanted to achieve, and I actually worked tirelessly to make sure they came true. It sounds so cliché, when you put it like that, but putting your mind to something genuinely can make anything happen. One of these goals was to become school captain. I’m not the most popular of students at my school and I don’t play sport. To run for school captain, I was up against two other girls for the female position, one of which is practically a perfect human being. Nonetheless, I spent hours focusing on my speech prior to presenting it to both the teachers and the students. And in the end, I got it. I am 2017 female school captain for my school. And it feels damn good.

Anybody who knows me also knows I set the goal to be with the “boy of my dreams” (he’s really not that, just a lanky year 12 drama student with a penchant for outdated sunglasses and foreign films). He had no idea who I was, and most people were under the assumption he was gay. Fast forward a couple of months, and he has asked me to be his date to his graduation. Take that, society! He makes me feel so happy. Note: I’m not saying if you set the goal to yourself to be with your crush, it will happen. In life, sometimes the people we fall for don’t fall back, but rather stay rooted on the ground. Which is cool, too! You’ll find someone.


The other thing I did was try to spread as much positivity in my life as possible. I’ve been trying my hardest to compliment others, help others, and be there for them when they need it.  A smile can go a very long way. I’ve never been one to believe in karma, but the fact that I have been so happy as a result of this simple, non-materialistic thing is really something I’d encourage everybody to do in their lives.


These days, I really have been so happy. I know, dear reader, that to you, I’m purely a sixteen-year-old from Australia who tends to ramble and pretend she knows about the real world when, in fact, her biggest struggle is Netflix removing Jersey Boys or Shapes changing their recipe, but please, if you take anything from my mess of a post today, it’s this: set yourself goals, and be happy along the way. 


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Analysing Shakespeare is something that many high school students have to deal with. Last year, I was exposed to Romeo and Juliet, which I actually very much enjoyed (and watching Lurhmann’s ’96 movie definitely allowed me to appreciate it more). In fact, I do appreciate a bit of ‘Shakey S’: every second day I feel I say, “seen better days” or “method to his madness”, and I sincerely recognise the manner in which his way with words was ingenious. However, when I found out that we were reading Macbeth this semester, I wasn’t insanely keen. I guess stories of the Middle Ages and royalty never interested me, and so that paired with language that I have to struggle to comprehend didn’t seem, at first, a good idea.

That being said, I do appreciate many elements of it. When put into modern scenarios in my head, I could understand many elements. Perhaps to you fellow teenagers, this will allow you to be able to get something from it. And, so, today, I present to you (oh, and by the way, *spoiler alert*) my teenage guide to Macbeth. Here’s what I was able to relate to.

STAB, STAB, STABMacbeth, being the ambitious, power-hungry fella he is, of course kills his king so that he can reign over the kingdom. At high school, a very similar situation actually does occur. Just as Macbeth stabbed Duncan, so many teens hurt each other (or backSTAB if you like) to gain popularity. I know it all to well myself; a friend is no longer a friend for they ditch you to sit with the cool kids. I guess that’s what I got from Macbeth’s character. He wants to be popular, and so, he goes behind his true friends’ backs to get what he wants.


SOMETIMES WHEN PEOPLE TELL YOU TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF, YOU DO. Some say that Macbeth’s decisions were predominately influenced by Lady Macbeth telling him he was being a bit of a ‘pussy’ (as the teenage boys who sit in the back row in my homeroom would say) as well as by the ideas that those kooky witches put into his head. However, others argue that he was the one making all the choices; hence, he was completely to blame for his actions. I guess we can relate to this. How many times do we get told that by others what to do? And then it seems all too easy to blame those around us for the decisions we make. It’s fair enough, I guess. Peer pressure is all too real. But in the end, we are accountable.

MACBETH AND LADY MACBETH ARE NOT A POWER COUPLE. Their relationship is quite dysfunctional. Lady Macbeth treats her husband as if he is weak when he doesn’t want to murder someone—who cares if, I don’t know, he’s just a nice guy or something? Also, they both have a whole lot of blood on their hands. Ah well, Brangelina just broke up. Couldn’t get any more disappointment in the way of relationships than that.

DON’T BETRAY BFFS. For the part of Macbeth when he is alive, Banquo is everything a good friend needs to me. Keep these sorts of friends close, because you never know when they’re going to be stabbed by three murderers in the dark of the night. 

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I just let someone down. It feels awfully wicked to say; as if I have done something like murdering a newborn puppy or wearing socks with sandals or becoming a radical dictator, or something. When in fact, all I did, was say no. It’s crazy to think I have always struggled with saying no. The word itself, whilst only one syllable with two obstinate letters, can be used for both good and evil. And perhaps that is what makes it so powerful.

Some people are more likely to say it than others. I know a girl who uses it quite affectionately, as one may use the word ‘the’ or ‘and’ or ‘ridiculous’ (I struggle with cutting down the usage of that one from my vocabulary); fondly throwing it into the air if somebody dares ask for a carrot stick or would like her to accompany them to the printer. She lives for herself, and herself only.

I am not one of those people.

Every second day, I’m reading over somebody’s Physics assignment or lending them my sharpener AGAIN or looking after their stuff. I am a self-confessed pushover,  being pushed at each request, and yet I feel saying that one little word is the only thing that would pull me back up.

So you begin to get a reputation for it. And suddenly, you’re everyone’s best friend, if only for a split second when it benefits them. You begin to become a YES sort of person. But it’s a vacuum, a vacuum that sucks you into to things you don’t want to do and things you don’t have time to do. And it starts to become something of a chore.

I am not advocating that you reject every cry for help or start to refuse every event and hide out in your bedroom. A balance between the anti-carrot-stick-sharer and me would most likely be ideal. But if you’re to take something out of this article, it’s to start to say no a bit more. Nothing happens. You’re going to be okay.