After reflecting on the fact that approximately a third of my life has been spent tying my shoelaces (just a rough estimate) it seems quite odd that I have found myself marvelling over the latest shoe trend. Lace up heels.

My favourite are possibly Senso’s ‘Riley’, of which I’ve purchased a knock-off. In my defence, the black version of ‘Riley I‘ will set you back $249 a pair, but hey, they come with free shipping and free frustration of those around you when you mutter, “Sorry, can you wait? My shoelace has come untied.” Still, they possess some sort of gothic class.


sourced from Pinterest here


blogger Arianne Witt sporting a pair

Though these heels have been on the market for quite some time now, there are other variations on the trend that have just been brought out. Take Windsor Smith’s latest collection, perhaps, which holds myriads of gorgeous tie-up shoes.


WINDSOR SMITH, COMB: pair with a leather skirt and red lipstick to show them who’s boss


WINDSOR SMITH, GLORY:  style with a denim skirt and loose-fitted white shirt for a festival-inspired look


WINDSOR SMITH, BERLIN: hit the streets with these beauties, a pair of culottes, and a graphic clutch

Celebrities have been trying out a pair too.


Kylie Jenner


Millie Mackintosh

So tell me, what are your thoughts on the lace up heel trend? Comment below. For me, I may frustrate my peers by searching for the nearest foot rest to tie my shoes on, but I’ll also feel confident I’m looking stylish. ★


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