“How does it feel to be back at school?”

Quite a few teachers, distant family members, and supermarket cashiers have asked me this recently. Today was the first day of the school year, and, going into my second to last year of high school, I was stressed beforehand. Now, I feel the need to vent and share through the means of my new blog.


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Waking up at 5.50, I didn’t have high hopes for the day. Then again, I wasn’t properly functioning at that time of morning, so I hardly had thoughts at all. After being dropped off at school, the rain started bucketing. Ah, the joy of a drenched schoolbag whose smell is similar to that of a wet dog. Some of my books were wet too, which was a bit of a downer.

My sister and I found our lockers. A spot of annoyance for the fact we’d inherited top lockers, and, whilst I’m not really short, I had to stretch to push the Wet Dog Bag in.

Homeroom was decent, though our teacher made us listen to all the school rules. Apparently there’s nothing interesting in your lap to look down at, so teachers know when students are texting in class. We hurried to meet the younger students. Some seemed quite intimidated of me and my loud friends, but we got a few high-fives out of them.

After recess, my timetable led me to Physics, where I struggled tremendously with laptop issues, but laughed at Richard Feynman clips anyway.

Lunchtime was surprisingly one of the best parts of the day. I say ‘surprisingly’ for I have been known to be classed as a nerd whom enjoys school, but I wasn’t really taking on that title for the day. I marvelled over my friend’s recently-removed-of-braces teeth, laughed about some guy from Girl Meets World that my sister was discussing, and even went so far as to be so friendly to my friend’s little brother that he looked somewhat creeped out.

Then, I had double Mathematics. Seriously though, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my timetable consists of two doubles of Maths and a double of Physics. Let’s hope I am Richard Feynman by the end of the semester.

After another homeroom where one of our classmates took one for the team by claiming, “Oh, I already swept the floor earlier, we’re all ready to leave!” we walked to the bus stop. That part of the day was quite interesting, where we huddled with a group of friends from assorted year levels and simply laughed. On the bus too, I found out that the guy with the nice teeth (who I may also have dated once) will be in my English class. Yay!

And although I may not have had a great day, I’ll be able to answer those pesky people. “How does it feel to be back at school, Chelsea?” Well, it feels hell of a lot different to not being there. ★



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