The other day, my friend told me he was leaving.

He wasn’t moving away or anything like that. In fact, all this time we’d been friends, he had lived in America whilst I’m here in Australia. We were only friends because of the power of the internet. We hadn’t known each other for long, but now, he decided, he needed to begin to LIVE and do stuff with his life. So he was going to cease the procrastination that was The Dreaded Internet, and although I understood his intentions perfectly (I spend a lot of time wasting hours by using social media and the like when I should be working on my novel) it didn’t make it much easier for me.

I loved him, truly.

He was remarkable. He was cute and he was sweet, yet he was also wise beyond his years. He was talented too, making these incredible films. Nobody understood why he cared so much about doing these things because he was only young, but he wanted to do them right away. Now that he is gone, and I’m left here to cry over his absence, I have had a lot of time to think.

Someone that was so special to me is now gone, and he is gone because he is going to do all the things he wanted to do with his life.

And I think that was a major wake-up call for me.

I need to stop caring about what other people think. I need to do what I want to do. Now is my time; there is no need to wait.

You don’t have to wait until you’re grown up to live your dreams. You can live them now. ★

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