I’m not entirely sure why the cinema is THE DATE SPOT, since it’s very difficult to chat without having old women turn around with a finger to their mouth miming ‘shush’, or to look at your date without craning your neck awkwardly, or even to touch with the separation of those arm rests. Then again, I’m no expert: I’ve only had one date. Yesterday, I had my very first, first date.

He’s a tall boy, with a swoopy fair-haired do and a lanky walk and faint fluff on his defined chin. He’s a year 12 student who wants to be an actor, and he’s gone through a communist phase and a silent phase and whatever else. I had been crushing on him for god knows how long, and then he asked me to the movies.

The first part of it went fairly well. I met with him, my twin sister, and a friend, and the four of us ate lunch together in a food court. We laughed and shared stories, and it was quite nice. When I headed to purchase some sort of oily Asian wrap, he confessed to my sister how happy he was and that he liked me a lot.

The second part was a bit more awkward. We bought two tickets to Doctor Strange (with the paying element slightly uncomfortable) and shared a few giggles at the trailers. The film had excellent graphics, though I couldn’t help but be distracted as my date’s “WOAH!”s and “HAHA”s along the way. Together we marvelled (if you don’t mind my pun) over a part of the movie which triggered memories of an inside joke. When the credits rolled, we just glanced at each other, smiling.

He was very gentlemanly, even walking me to my bus stop so that I wouldn’t be alone. A large hug was exchanged, and he called out, “Talk to you on Facebook!” so loudly that everybody in close vicinity of the carpark swivelled their heads.

And anyway, he wants a second date. I’m guessing I may have underestimated the whole date. So thank you for letting me tell you all about it. ★

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