This morning, I sat and flicked through my school planner. I only had the time since I missed my bus after running back for my headphones – I strongly doubted I’d be productive today if I had taken them – but nonetheless, it was a clear spot in my schedule.

And how was this week looking, you ask? Meetings most lunchtimes. Drafts of assignments to be handed in, tests in upcoming weeks to revise for, pages of ‘research development’ due. Intense. It doesn’t sound all that much to the outsider, but when your only time to think about the good things in life is when you floss your teeth at night, you know something’s going wrong.

That’s how my life is at the moment. It’s a jumble of Things I Need To Do and Things I REALLY Need To Do (with all the Thing I Want To Do tossed aside). I haven’t had a break in such a long time. Here in Australia, this final year of high school is known to be the bane of every teenager’s life so far. Year 12, I fear you. I fear that I will not keep up and that you will rush ahead of me, and I will be left behind with a year 11 mindset and untied shoelaces and prayers I have to write for assemblies in following weeks.

But things will be okay! The students around me are in the same boat as me, and for the most part, they’re supportive. We’re all in this together, and whilst I doubt we’ll partake in a flash mob of that HSM hit at the end of the year, we are likely to cry a bit when it’s over. We’ll wear our graduation dresses and suits and laugh at the year that has been.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plodding on…and will keep writing in my planner.★

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One thought on “// YEAR TWELVE, I FEAR YOU

  1. Chloe says:

    I have so much confidence in you! Who knows? Maybe Year 12 should fear YOU!

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